Hostel-to-Hostel Rideshare Shuttle


Get to your next hostel in D.C., Baltimore, and Harpers Ferry without the hassle. We will take you door-to-door so you don’t have to drag your gear from a bus, down the sidewalk, across the trail, on the train, and through the crowds.

Appalachian Trail Rideshare Shuttle


Our AT shuttle is a rideshare service based out of Harpers Ferry. We cover the area north to Pen Mar Park and south to Thornton Gap in Luray. Click on the image above to book online.

Airport Rideshare Shuttle


We offer rideshare and private service to Dulles International Airport, BWI Airport, and Regan National Airport.

Road Trip Adventures Meetup Group


Join us for an all-inclusive day trip or overnight adventure as we explore the mid-Atlantic area. Most tours and trips are on the weekends. D.C. locals should join our Meetup group to keep in up-to-date. And hostellers can reserve a spot through our website here.

Bicycle Rideshare Shuttle


Need a ride out to the end of the W&OD trail or along the C&O Canal towpath? Just send us an email. You can also bring your bike along if taking our shuttle to or from Harpers Ferry. We are working on more online booking options.

Private Group Charter


Yes, you can afford it! If you have a small group and want to schedule a fun trip somewhere, just let us know. It can be as simple as taking your group to the airport to a more inclusive package including lodging, activities, and meals.